ZUZU Guitars

Thanks for visiting the web home of ZUZU Guitars.  I build instruments that test assumptions about what an electric guitar should be (video overview here).  My approach is founded on the belief that much of what we now regard as standard — if not essential — has been driven by the needs of mass production.  In short, what has been good for the business of making guitars has not necessarily been good for the business of making music.  ZUZU Guitars is my way of discovering — or rediscovering — new looks and sounds through fresh approaches that might be as new as yesterday, or old as the hills.  Either way, the goal is the same:  come up with something that is rare and exquisite.

The site includes a number of instruments that are for sale (case included) as well as those that have decamped for other homes.  Feel free to get in touch with questions via the CONTACT form.  Thanks for looking!

– Chris Mills

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